PRINT RELEASE – Wednesday November 29th at Noon (NYC time)

We're excited to be releasing two new prints this Wednesday, November 29th at NOON (NYC time). 

Falling for FAILE Print… This new print is a classic image from our partnership with the New York City Ballet Art Series from 2013. We have always loved this image and are glad to finally make it as a wood block style silkscreen print. As always with these prints they are a labor of love. 25 luscious silkscreened colors on a nice thick archival paper. 

  • Falling for FAILE Print
  • Edition of 500 / 25 Color Silkscreen Print
  • Coventry Rag 335 gsm (Deckle Edge)
  • 28 Inches x 40 Inches
  • Signed, Embossed and Numbered FAILE 2017
  • Price: $475



FAILE Stages Show Poster… In conjunction with our show at Gallery Springmann opening Dec. 2nd 2017 – Jan. 31st 2018 we created a new poster to highlight the show. The poster features one of the new “Fragments” style abstract figurative images from the Berlin show with some nice gloss metallics.

  • FAILE Stages Show Poster
  • 6 Color Offset with Metallic Silvers
  • Unnumbered Edition
  • 215 gsm Gloss Paper
  • 23 Inches x 33 Inches
  • Signed FAILE 1986
  • Price: $50


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New Book Covers and Detroit Show Print. October 11th at Noon NYC time.

We're excited to be releasing a new series of Book Covers this October 12th at NOON (NYC Time). The Book Covers are a special series featuring hand cut vintage papers and silkscreen on found book covers. All unique and framed from the studio. We will also be releasing the 2nd edition of the Detroit Show Print, a 5 color silkscreen print to highlight our show in Detroit at Library Street Collective. 








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One of the new images from the Size of the Fight show in Detroit this summer. This image was made with the feelings of the city in mind from our past trips there. A nod to the urban sprawl of Detroit, to the creative class that's helping rebuild the heart of the city and a look to the universal dreamers in us all who continue to push to create a better tomorrow. May the size of your fight always be determined by your passion and drive – not your physical vehicle.  

  • Size of the Fight
  • Offset Edition, Unnumbered 
  • 215gsm Mohawk Paper
  • 25 x 34 Inches
  • Signed FAILE 1986
  • $100



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2 NEW Originals – March 23rd

We will also be releasing two original de la FAILE works on paper. These are heavily layered and hand painted, full of everything that is FAILE. These will both be available through the FAILE shop at Noon (NYC time) on March 23rd...
  • de la FAILE Sacred
  • Original
  • Acrylic, Spray Paint and Silkscreen Ink
  • Lenox 100 Archival Paper
  • 38 x 25 Inches
  • Signed, Stamped and Embossed
  • FAILE 2016
  • Price: $6,500
  • de la FAILE Savage
  • Original
  • Acrylic, Spray Paint and Silkscreen Ink
  • Lenox 100 Archival Paper
  • 38 x 25 Inches
  • Signed, Stamped and Embossed
  • FAILE 2016
  • Price $6,500

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150 Release – this Thursday March 23rd... Noon (NYC time)

Excited to have a new set of 150 prints available this Thursday at Noon here in NYC. These will be a Buy Now release, first come, first served.  
The new 150 Series will feature the de la FAILE image. There are approximately six variations within the edition. Multiple color variations, hand-painted, stained and printed. All on a nice, thick archival paper. As usual the backs of these are quite special and unique. With printing and stamping and embossing and signed.  
  • de la FAILE
  • Varied Edition of 250
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 19 Inches
  • Acrylic, Silkscreen Ink on Lenox 100 Paper
  • Signed, Stamped & Numbered. FAILE 2016

Please note you will receive whichever color way arrives at your door. 1 print per person. 

HUGE THANKS for the support!


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