Runaway Paradise: Black

Based on a new image from our Endless show in Miami, we are releasing a hand-painted and silkscreened Runaway Paradise print. These works reflect some newer paintings that we've been working on in the studio and we've really been liking working within the style. These prints are bold and classic FAILE. Made from a series of painted backgrounds, stencil prints and silkscreen they are a vibrant set. We made these in three editions of 8. The B-side feature a DFXX Sound / Vision print. 
  • Runaway Paradise: Blue
  • Edition of 8
  • Dimensions: 24 x 38 Inches
  • Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Lenox 100 Paper
  • Signed, Stamped and Numbered. FAILE 2022

Sold Out

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