Dancing Between Angels / Love Stories B-Side

A new hand-painted small edition print from the studio.  A classic studio edition, hand-painted and printed, each with their own touches.  This paper is heavy and worked deep with a deckled edge.  Stained up with the Love Stories B-Side. 
This image is part of the "From the Air We Share" exhibition in Strasbourg, France. We created a suite of 15 images that were painted on the exterior of the museum. The work was based off a poem we wrote for the city using a bubble as metaphor for our experience there.
The title of this image comes from a line in the poem, "Painted Landscapes Deceive Me  -- Dancing Between Angels and Angles". This was a reference to Marie Antoinette arriving in Strasbourg when she first became queen and the faux painted landscapes placed outside her window, created to make her feel welcome. A further reference to De Stijl and Aubette Dance Hall with the angled and rectilinear lines the movement was known for. Along with its proximity to the Cathedral and the angels that grace its walls. Bubbles sort of fly loosely and dance through space, somewhat the antithesis of what De Stijl conveyed but a nice reference to movement. We liked the idea of the girl tearing away the perceptions built up around her while trying not to lose herself.
Dancing Between Angels / Love Stories B-Side⁠
28 x 40 inches⁠
Hand-Painted Varied Edition of 22⁠

Acrylic, Silkscreen Ink and Spraypaint⁠
Coventry Rag 320gsm ⁠
Signed, Stamped and Embossed

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