FAILE x FINE & RAW Chocolate: Share Your Fantasies Box

This Valentine's Day chocolate gift set is less of a collaboration and more of a story where blazing hearts stole the night. The Brooklyn collaboration between artists, FAILE, and artisan chocolate makers, FINE & RAW, will help you share your fantasies for St. Valentines Day in the year 2020. Let your hearts run wild.

There will be 7 "GOLDEN TICKETS", each one a small handmade FAILE artwork. These artworks will be placed into 7 different boxes for 7 lucky golden lovers. 

Dealing with matters of the heart, up to $5000 dollars of proceeds will go towards the charity, Lunch Box Fund, who work in poverty and hunger stricken areas making sure that school kids have a lunch to eat every day.


Share Your Fantasies box contains:

1 Sea salt chocolate bar, 70% cacao

1 Espresso chocolate bar, 70% cacao

1 Hazelnut chocolate bar, 49% cacao

1 70% dark chocolate bar, 70% cacao

1 Cacao & coconut chunky

8 hazelnut truffles

FINE & RAW chocolate is handmade in Brooklyn using small batches of directly-sourced cacao. This collaboration is made with a blend of the finest Ecuadorian and Ghanian cacao beans. The chocolate is stone ground for 3 days to bring out the ideal flavor balances of each bar. All the ingredients are organic, gluten/soy free and plant based. 

*Please order by February 5th in order to receive by Valentine's Day*

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