*Rap in Pink Print

As always printmaking and image making are paramount in our practice. In the process of creating the new Deluxx Fluxx here in NYC we had a big push of new work that became much of the artwork for the club. Some of those images felt like they belonged as part of the world of Deluxx Fluxx. Some felt more familiar as FAILE and we had fun letting those all mix together as well. 

The Rap print was a new image that came out of that exploration. We quickly knew that it fell into the FAILE canon and we enjoyed all the context, iconography and conversations the work gave us. So today is the day we are releasing Rap. 

Rap in Pink Print
19 x 25 Inches / Edition of 50
Acrylic, Spraypaint, Silkscreen Ink and Glitter on Archival Lenox 100
Embossed, Signed and Numbered FAILE 2023 


*Shipping Note: The Rap Prints will be flat packed to insure what’s best for the artwork. We have tried our best to keep shipping costs reasonable, despite elevated costs. We use FedEx for all shipping and believe this is the best option for a smooth delivery process.

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